Welcome to Duralite Horticulture Supplies

Duralite is an Australian owned horticultural and hydroponic supply wholesaler operating since 1980. In recent years Duralite has expanded its’ business from specialising in commercial hydroponics and horticulture to include the growing industries of Plant Nurseries and Broad-acre Vegetable Farms.


Delivery to commercial growers

We deliver to commercial growers within Melbourne and surrounding areas. When ordering ask if your area is covered.

Quality you can count on

New quality products and services

  • Grodan blocks,cubes and slabs
  • Bato clips
  • Hooks and twine
  • Hygiene mats
  • Biobest Bug Scan

Product Specials

Check out our latest specials

  • Calcium Nitrate Yara
  • Potassium Nitrate Haifa
  • Kristalon Green(18:7:14.9+TE)
  • Eco Oil
  • Iron EDTA 13%

Premium Suppliers

  • Yara
  • Nutriant
  • Grodan
  • Eclipse
  • OCP